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Clan is the Keltic word for children or family. It dates back to the 13th century when clans were the background of Scottish Society for hundreds of years. The original Highland Clans were the way of life and stood above all for family. Being resourceful was a necessity for survival. The Clans were very proud of their land and generally gathered in small groups with each his own laws and customs. Respect and discipline were necessary to insure safety within each group. Despite the disappearance of the traditional clans around the 17th century, their influences can still be fealt in modern day Scottish Society.

The Made in Scotland Clan Member Program was introduced in 2001 and combines the old Scottish traditions with the modern day business needs of the 21st century. Loyalty and companionship are an absolute necessity to the survival of everyday challenges, where unconditional trust of one’s ability and that of another are the keys to success.

Made in Scotland works closely with her Clan Members where unique quality and service give maximum effect to the network. Two important goals are always present. 1. To enlarge and improve the relationships between the Clan Members themselves. 2. To constantly create opportunities for new business within the Clan.

For more information please send an e-mail to info@madeinscotland.nl